Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching up.

Paul, Rachael and Minol

I have been neglecting the blog lately! And a lot has been happening so there is a lot to catch up on! Let's start by congratulating Rachael on receiving her PURPLE belt last month! Such a big achievement! Rachael has been taking the girls only classes in Hobart since Minol and I left and has continued to train and progress. I was very impressed with the trchnique she displayed last time she and Paul were in Melbourne visiting. Minol awarded her her purple belt while visiting for the state championships. Whoo Rach! Can't wait to get down there for a roll with the new purple belt! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Townsville Peeps

Last week Minol and I spent 5 days in Townsville training with Phil and his students.  It was great to meet everyone especially Elise who received her first stripe!  Congratulations!  Even though she was the only female training she goes just as hard and is just as keen to learn and train. Plus she's an awesome chick!

Hobart Girls!

It's great seeing pics of our small but solid female class in Hobart! Hope to see you again soon ladies!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


If I had messaged a fellow competitor and told them not to bother registering for a comp because I wasn't able to due to injury I would not then message them when the registration had ended and tell them I was going to compete anyway.  But that's just me.

This weekend I have learnt some important lessons.

1.  You can't trust people's words or morals.  

In this world I have realised that what I believe to be the "right" thing to do doesn't apply to others.  People have their own lives and dreams and a lot of the time that will take precedent over other peoples feelings or desires.

2.  I love pure Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

 Before moving to Melbourne I was a black belt.  The second Australian woman to receive a black belt ever.  The only woman in Australia to have a black belt.  But no one knew.  No one really cared.  And I was happy.  I trained.  And I was happy.  When word got out that I was the ONLY female black belt in Australia it got exciting.  I wasn't the first Australian woman to get a black belt but I was the only Australian woman living in Australia to have a black belt.  Then another female got her black belt.  And it was the news of the century.  The FIRST woman to get her black belt IN Australia even though she is from Germany (I received my black belt from Master Wilson when I was visiting Brazil on March 17th 2011).  Then even bigger and better, yet another woman received her black belt.  Not only did she receive her black belt in Australia but she is Australian. 
This is the hype that I listened to for a while.  Girls talk.  Girls have opinions about everything under the sun... and above it!  So since moving to Melbourne there has been a lot of hype and from that I have felt a lot of pressure as a black belt to perform.  I absolutely loved competing when I started BJJ.  I participated at the Pan Pacs as a novice and blue belt and fought in the first Australia Cup and won both weight and open weight division.  I fought in the Rio State Open as a purple belt and won.  As nervous as I get about competing I loved it.  I loved challenging myself in that way.  Win or lose there was always something to learn.  But since getting my black belt I've felt the pressure and I've realised that it's the pressure I put on myself.  I don't need to listen to anyone else or their opinions.  I don't need to be the best for anyone else.
I love pure BJJ.  I love training.  I love competing.  So I need to stop listening or worrying what anyone else might think or say and just do what I love.  

3.  BJJ is not my life.

I was so upset and disappointed when after looking forward for so long to competing at the Pan Pacs I found out that I in fact wouldn't be able to.  I cried.  I was so excited to be the first female black belt fight in Australia.  I was trying to make my trainings good sessions.  Then it crashed and I was shattered.  Minol expected me to go along on Friday for the first day of the Pan Pacs but I was too upset, I knew if I went I would just be wishing it was me there competing.  So I stayed home.  The sun was out so I took the kids to Bunnings and we got some pots and flowers (and strawberries).  Then went to the park.  Then I shouted the kids to good ol' Maccas.  Then went home to plant our flowers.  And I felt happy.  When it comes down to it I know everyone talks about BJJ as a lifestyle but for me BJJ is something I love and enjoy but I wouldn't call it a lifestyle.  Pure BJJ maybe- but when there are politics and egos and so much more crap that goes along with it I prefer to separate that from my lifestyle.  My family and their happiness is what is important to me.  Helping my children become caring, nurturing, kind, considerate, thoughtful, spirited children who become caring, nurturing, kind, considerate, thoughtful, spirited teens who then become caring, nurturing, kind, considerate, thoughtful, spirited adults is my priority in life.  If they can enjoy training and competing as much as I do along the way then that is wonderful.

4.  Disappointments will not stop me, but will make me stronger.

Best advice for me this weekend was from my husband.  He simply said to keep training.  And that is what I will do.  Other opportunities will come up.  I am still determined to compete again.  But I am even more determined to train.  And to train hard.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Short but Sweet

Saturday 17th of August. A day I had been looking forward to for over a month since I booked flights! Back to Hobart for a short but very sweet visit and training with the girls! Whenever I'm back in Hobart it's as if I never left! Except this trip I had an extra little bundle with me! Saturday was also Polly's 4 month old mark! We started the day with brunch and some chit chat. Almost didn't make it due to little boy tooth ache and emergency dental appointment! But it was great to finally meet up with the girls again and to meet a couple of new faces! And when I say new I mean new! Alex and Gemma had only been to a handful of classes. So we then headed to the PCYC to TRAIN!! I wanted to get a lot of rolling in with the girls to get a good idea of where they are at so we rolled, then went through some techniques, and back for some more rolling to finish the day! I was really impressed with Jacinta, Rach and Fiona our blue beltas. It was good to see the improvements each has made. Rach who has always been very technical has become much tighter. Jacinta's grips are amazing! And I'm sure Fiona has gotten even stronger!   Kobe and Kaea have grown heaps and are now ready to give us "older" girl a run, so great to have them training with us! Unfortunately we didn't get happy snaps with Gemma and Alex but hopefully I didn't scare them off and they keep up the training!!  Thank you to the Tassie girls for having me!! Miss you all heaps and can't wait for another trip! Such crazies! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Along Came Polly

Introducing Polly. The latest little jiu-jitsu girl. She arrived on the 17th of April. Mummy is excited to have finally welcomed her into the world and of course is just as excited to be able to train again without hinderance hehe.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


This post is a little late but welcome Charlotte to the BJJ family!! She is just gorgeous! Congratulations to beautiful Sammy and Jake- there is no nope for this little one when both mummy and daddy train Jiu-Jitsu!